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8 thoughts on “ROAD GODS ZEON R1 | TANK BAG | DOMINAR 400

  1. Aryans 6 months ago

    will it fit on pulsar rs200?

  2. Great Guy 6 months ago

    Will it fit on cbr250?

  3. Hiranya Deva Sarmah 6 months ago

    From 2:32 to 2:38 you have shown the buckle attachment of the bag on the front side. Doesn't it affect the cornering and turning? Can the buckle instead be fitted on the neck, as in the fat area behind the headlight, near the tank?

  4. Aayush Modi 6 months ago

    At what max speeds have you travelled with this bag?? Was it stable?

  5. venu gopal 6 months ago

    sold out.. any otr link to buy tis product.. ?

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