So Here I was Riding Dominar 400 and then suddenly this shit was about to happen! Gear I use Gopro hero 5 …



23 thoughts on “How ABS saved my life : Dominar 400 ABS

  1. war X 6 months ago

    How is ur bike now?

  2. Raunak Roy 6 months ago

    Niladri bhai ap to bohot acha bike chala lete ho likin hamare assam me jo apke omer ke ya thore chote log he bho agar ye bike leker ride kare 100% exerend honge ye mei bol raha hu apka fan DJ RAUNAK ????thik he bhai

  3. machine gun 6 months ago

    Hey man we're did u live in Siliguri

  4. NIKHIL VARMA 6 months ago

    Your fault. You were too fast on that busy narrow road. You were too fast even for a Squid. This video should say, "how ABS saved a squid's life from his own squidiness". If you have a death-wish then there are plenty of suicide points on every hill station. Don't be a danger to others on the street.

  5. Auto Freak 6 months ago

    "its an awsome bike from bajaj"??

  6. abhijitkh09 6 months ago

    What was your speed when you applied brakes? Drive slow on the roads with no divide, our desi roads are full of the idiots driving high powered machines.

  7. Rover Nair 6 months ago

    U have abs in ur bike that means u can ride ur bike like this ..
    If anyone is crossing road abs may save u but not them ..
    Very bad ..

  8. Manish Mondal 6 months ago

    Dual channel abs or single channel abs ka under farak kaya hai???

  9. Abhik Saikia 6 months ago

    Bhai to race kar raha hai kya aur wo bhi city mae, bhai dominar abs le lia to kya accident se baach jayega . Kyu naam kharab kar raha hai yaaar, ride ko enjoy karo yaar.

  10. EXPLORING INDIA 6 months ago

    U r a good Rider….I saw most of ur videos…but in this video ur mistake is high speed bcz single lane road…and this kind of situation happens in India u know already….alwz alert ok…ride safe?

  11. shrawan kumar 6 months ago

    kya chutiyo ki tarah chala raha h, iss traffic me aise kon chalata h bhai? jindagi pyari nahi h kya, abs har waqt kaam ni ayega.

  12. asif alam 6 months ago

    wow suprb awsam ??✌️?

  13. Souvik Hore 6 months ago

    Car driver like a bc ….driver

  14. Ayan Sarkar 6 months ago

    Tu khud kitna tez chala rha h

  15. peter Gil 6 months ago

    U r riding too fast for a single lane highway…. U r certified squid

  16. HAMLET'S COOKING 6 months ago

    Sukna ke reaste se itna teji se mat chalao Niladri

  17. Harpreet Bhullar 6 months ago

    Wtf! IS HE Mad our indian people can never change……Thank god

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