puts the Bajaj Dominar 400 against the Honda CBR250R in a quarter-mile drag race. The Japanase bike is more expensive with …



29 thoughts on “Honda CBR250R vs Dominar 400 – Drag Race | MotorBeam

  1. MotorBeam 7 months ago

    Hello all you Honda CBR250R fans, let's hit the LIKE button for the love of the Japanese bike.

    We will be live on 23rd February with the new KTM Dukes at around 12 o clock. Hit the bell button to not miss it!

  2. Dominic Edward 7 months ago

    pls dont compare a shit with honda…dominar is a perfect shit….its nowhere nearer to Honda technology

  3. Sourabh Ghosh 7 months ago

    Plz make a review on new honda cbr 25

  4. Tushar Nikub 7 months ago

    bro plz make video on Yamaha r15 version 3 vs Bajaj dominar 400

  5. revolution of india 7 months ago

    abs मॉडल cbr का 30हजार महंगा है डोमिनोर के एबीएस variant से ।। डोमिनर vfm

  6. Akhil Prasad 7 months ago

    Dear dominar users, plz dim your light at night. Its a humble request.
    Thank you !

  7. King Keisam 7 months ago

    Now try CBR 250RR with Dominar 400.

  8. Harish Harsha 7 months ago

    This not mach..dominor 400cc ..i liku this cbr 250 awesome

  9. Imran Zahida Bagum 7 months ago

    CBR is the best but why that rider is not riding properly he s such a waste

  10. Yasin bin Ashraf 7 months ago

    എന്തോന്നടെയ് ഇത് ?

  11. Shubham Rocker 7 months ago

    ohh shit he is not best rider on 250R

    250R is best its a trick to go ahead

  12. mobeen khan 7 months ago

    yeh baccho wali race ho rhi h cbr is more better than dominar i hv own cbr 250r if u talk about speed so dominar is 400 it means cbr is more good as the engine is 250 of cbr according to dominar

  13. upkar singh 7 months ago

    Which one should i buy d400 or cbr250r

  14. Zara Hmar 7 months ago

    Well,i guess honda are more superior than bajaj

  15. Anju Gokul 7 months ago

    Does cbr defeat dominar in top speed ? Which is faster

  16. Darwin Ra 7 months ago

    Mal no.hay nadie que partida no se ve las rpm de la moto el que maneja la cbr ni se agacha muy mal esa prueba

  17. Darshan Bhoir 7 months ago

    A pagal 400 cc ki bike 250 seh compare Kare ho

  18. LONGKI TIMUNG 7 months ago

    I dont like dominar.. Cbr loss b,cuz it not straight road

  19. akshay chinnimunna 7 months ago

    Omg beast performance awesome with equal to 400 dominor just 2 sec difference. So only cbr is the beast always

  20. Dedi Decor 7 months ago

    Vs cbr250rr top speed 199

  21. Hebin George 7 months ago

    Why wasnt the bikes tested till their topspeed in this video? dominar cant go beyond 155kmph. Thats recorded. And cbr250 easily goes past 170kmph. If it wasnt a twisty road, and if bikes were taken to their top speed results would have been different ? maybe faizal knows. Everyone knows he hates HMSIndia Ltd.??

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