The Royal Enfield classic 350 and the Bajaj Dominar 400 put to the test! We had owners of both these bikes ride both the bikes on and offload for more than 100 …



42 thoughts on “Dominar 400 v/s RE classic 350 put to the test!

  1. Siłauderzenia 4 months ago

    its two diffrent motorcycle  bajaj more on performance enfiled more on just ride 😉 35 vs 20  hp similar weight bigger brakes in dominar , thicker  front forks  , stronger more stiff  framein dominar dominar  in performance field everything have better  offcorse it not necessery have shorter braking distanc becasue it have bigger brake disk but  you need  longer time to overheat it  be fast ride  etc ,enfield buy somebdoy whod ont care  about peak  performance and  like claassic bike simple .

  2. global india 4 months ago

    5 sal bad jab aap dominor ko sell karoge to ye mushkil se 20 + ki sell hogi aur RE ki reselle values bhut hai
    ज़िन्दा हाथी लाख का मरा सवा लाख का

  3. Vishal Thakur 4 months ago

    The feel that royal Enfield can give no motorcycle can give . My first choice will be classic 350 and 2nd dominar. Riding a royal Enfield is like something different it feels good when you ride it, cruising at the speed of 50 to 60 on a road covered with trees is like a dream on RE. That thump gives me goosebumps 😍👌. But when you ride dominar it feels the same like other 200cc 300cc bikes just performance and looks. You can't get that feel on dominar. Dominar is not a bad bike i like it very much, it is my 2nd choice. The cornering capabilities of dominar are amazing, it headlight comes direct from transformers movie 😄 beautiful. Dominar is a beast. It's amazing performance can give you thrills. But the tank like build quality of RE is still unmatched. I love both bikes, both are king in their own segments, no one can beat them or not even challenge them.😎🙏

  4. Veerbhan Singh 4 months ago

    No one dislikes re …sales tell the truth . Only dominar owners hate it . Cause they cound not sell their junk . Even after so much of advertismnt😂

  5. Veerbhan Singh 4 months ago

    They dont have same price tag . Re 350 clasic is 1.4 lac..and dominar is 1.7 lac

  6. Mr J 4 months ago

    4.35 Did he just say 200 300 km/h 😂😂

  7. vamshi kurmacalam 4 months ago

    Royal Enfield is the Royal bike and it's a road King
    Plastic vs iron

  8. rakshith Gowda 4 months ago

    I think you are comparing Elephants with dogs lol😂

  9. prasanna h r 4 months ago

    don't compare Plastic vs metel Body…..
    Royal Enfiled. …always king….. dug dug dug dug 🔫🔫🔫🔫

  10. The Enfield Rider 4 months ago

    Dominar is a kid just couples of year old. Royal enfield is a man has been on road ruling since 1901. MADE LIKE A GUN👊.
    Compare dominar to the royal Enfield Himalaya off road. Royal Enfield don't give a shit to bajaj.

  11. N9 Nadaf 4 months ago

    RE bikes are long lasting & it never become outdated ,,,,,,,But dominar may be max 6 year it is outdated & nobody cares,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,& ur comparison is about is between city bike & sports bike ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why don't you take dominar complete off road as RE himalayan do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how about thunderbird 350 V/s Dominar long drive ……………???????????

  12. Raghav.r k 4 months ago

    You guys didn’t discuss about mileage of both machines… for middle class families that is the major concern…. so pls mention mileage of both machines in and outside of city…

  13. mohammed abdul 4 months ago

    I like RE but there are too many things need to be work on, not only the abs but the vibrations, comfort for both, handling, suspension, engine sound etc.

  14. Vinoth raja 4 months ago

    6.33 how many of know the name of that car

  15. Abhishek Guha 4 months ago

    A genuine and honest review which I was looking for quite long on YouTube. Thanks @MachoBiker

  16. Anirudh Yenna 4 months ago

    where is your hyosung gt250r..your using it ?

  17. shamanth420 4 months ago

    Where do you stay. You offen use kanakapura road

  18. h ryan 4 months ago

    There are good things about royal enfield and lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of bad things…..experienced rider

  19. NS-5 vlogs 4 months ago

    Bhai don't compare both the bikes, bsc both are different from its nature

  20. Ajay Saini 4 months ago

    Hindi maay bnao hume v kuch smj aye.

  21. raghu sh 4 months ago

    I am from Bangalore and you should have chosen a better road for your commentary…. Bangalore roads are not that bad but traffic is horrible I know..

  22. pranav reddy 4 months ago

    Hello I'm pranav… I liked the video. Keep up the good work. If u DM can I know where is that off road place in bangalore?

  23. Kaustubh Pendse 4 months ago

    Why even compare these bikes? Both are made for different reasons.

  24. karan lokare 4 months ago

    Why everyone wants to compare royal enfield😅 Its not a bike its a feeling which anyother bike wont give and for those who want speed advance technology can go for other bikes

  25. DELHI RIDER 4 months ago

    Sorry bro can't understand others people voice is not good. I can't understand that what they are saying. So please focus on voice.

  26. bharath kumar 4 months ago

    Royal enfield engines suck. Slow as hell. 350cc and 20bhp. Still shitty slow. Am suffering with my re. Never buy that piece of junk.

  27. Prakash Duraisamy 4 months ago

    RE is slower than DOMINAR, RC390, etc
    RE Doesn't have more power than other bikes.
    Re vibrates a lot
    RE is not fuel efficient
    RE is not easy to handle.

    But a doctor will not buy RC 390 or Bajaj, Duke, etc
    a chartered accountant won't go for duke,390 or Dominar
    reputed lawyer will never consider any plastic toys.
    These bikes are not suitable for a man with mom, kid, sister.
    These bikes fit for those who want to go fast( that too for few years)

    RE is for you, if you think that you are not a kid, you have reputation in the society and want to
    use your bike for off road, tours, official and family use. Best thing about RE is you can gift this to your grand son in running condition.
    if you drop your nephew or niece at her school, you will get a nick name of 'Bullet uncle'.
    RE changes your image in the society. Gives true value for money.

  28. Tech Prady 4 months ago

    This road looks like Sharadha college road, salem

  29. Tech Prady 4 months ago

    This road looks like Sharadha college road, salem

  30. Tech Prady 4 months ago

    Compare it with Classic 500, Dominar will still win

  31. Bimal Edwin 4 months ago

    Dominar has more BHP and less mileage. RE Classic has more torque and high maintenance cost. All Bajaj bikes start deteriorating in ride quality and overall quality from day one and after 3 or 4 years you will be riding scrap metal for the price you paid to buy the Dominar. RE bikes get better as it ages as would wine, and you'll get more resale value as the bike ages if you don't tamper with the electricals and the company fitted silencer. Tampering the silencer and irresponsible maintenance would turn the RE also into scrap metal. Moreover, care should be given to the RE to protect against rust. Regular servicing and care would turn the RE Classic into a grand elegant lady that it is meant to be, while with all the care and regular maintenance, no Bajaj bike would ever be in good condition after 3 years. The first second and third generation Pulsars are nowhere to be seen. They all ended up in the junkyard.

  32. Tobel Benny 4 months ago

    King of 350/400cc segment YAMAHA RD350…😍

  33. clash ott 4 months ago

    I haven’t seen such a useless off road test
    You had your foot down all the time on both the bikes and totally took the BALANCE OF THE BIKE ITSELF out of the equation …. so what did we learn ….??
    NOTHING !!!!

  34. Prathamesh Khatri 4 months ago

    Bro Royal Enfield 350 is Not For off roading its A Royal Ride 😘😍😘💪💪💪, Royal Enfield Has made A Special Bike for Off Roading i.e Royal Enfield Himalayan ,U Should Use himalayan For Off Riding And Also Dont Forget That This Bike Has Some Speciality That Is Why Our Indian defence forces use This Bike

  35. Blessel Philip 4 months ago

    no doubt that a dog is faster than an elephant . Difference is felt while others can't resist looking at you when you get on one.

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