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35 thoughts on “Dominar 400 or CBR250R || Which One to Buy

  1. Strell 3 months ago

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  2. J Madan 3 months ago

    Which bike is better for pillion bro?

  3. Dinesh kumar 3 months ago

    What about Duke 250 . Is it not worthy to buy in this segment

  4. Rakesh Roshan Sahoo 3 months ago

    best review strell… 🌷🌷
    hey strell which is ur 1st bike…

  5. SK KAMAL AZAD 3 months ago

    Excellent comparison , much appreciated …

  6. Pritish Mohapatra 3 months ago

    😍😘 Outstanding comparison review between Honda CBR 250R VS Bajaj Dominar 400 😘😍.

  7. Saquib Siddiqui 3 months ago

    Brother the dominar400 isn’t actually 400cc it’s 373cc same as ktm 390s

  8. Ashok N 3 months ago

    Is the LED headlight in the 2018 cbr useful in real life conditions?

  9. Tanmoy Biswas 3 months ago

    Sir this video mein dominer ka wheel balck kiya giya hai..???pls ans me sir..

  10. kishore kemps 3 months ago

    I got my CBR Last Friday πŸ’“πŸ’“ it's beautiful…

  11. Vasanth Kumar 3 months ago

    definitely CBR….Dominor is a hefty burden for city ride and many dominor owners spending atleast 1000 every month for any problem

  12. Nikk 3 months ago

    This is tough one Strell, but i have to pick CBR 250R because of its superb comfort. Also i remember you saying, "cbr250r engine spares you, even if you miss its Service, but other bikes (especially Bajaj) does not spare you if didn't serviced on time" which is crucial. This is why i love CBR 250R. It gives same performance even after 5 years!

  13. Sooraj AP 3 months ago

    How much did you pay for the new headlights for the CBR 250R?

  14. yogi ladva 3 months ago

    Hey man can you do review on Thunderbird 350x .! Waiting for that

  15. Tommy The Westie 3 months ago

    Great vid bro 😘
    Bro could you do a separate video for dominar?
    In the perspective of it as someones first bike and all?

  16. Bikash kc 3 months ago

    Duke 200 or RS 200 or FZ25??

  17. Reviews& shows 3 months ago


    In your experience dominor how much give mielage

  18. Abin P 3 months ago

    Missing MOJO <3

  19. sandeep yadav 3 months ago

    dominar is a great bike it doesnt have gear positon and strell it doesnt have heat monitor also

  20. Pratik Vora 3 months ago

    Nicely done
    ….very informative video…nic work

  21. Selvin Rajkumar Jennison 3 months ago

    I like dominar but my heart says cbr😍 what about the back rest in dominar? Is it official accessory?

  22. Pramathew Yayawar 3 months ago

    CBR looks beautiful. The LEDs also enhance the overall look+ stance of the baby blade.

  23. Sujith Surendran 3 months ago

    I think you should mention price difference as well… But appreciating all your efforts and detailing… Was waiting for it for a long time and it came at the right time. At the time of hatrick offer running for Baja Bikes..πŸ‘πŸ‘

  24. Rakesh 234 3 months ago

    Is cbr's suspension is ajustable?

  25. Aldrin Mathew 3 months ago


  26. Aldrin Mathew 3 months ago

    I liked the Video because you presented almost every practical thing required in a comparison video and anyone watching the video can ultimately decide whether or not it is a positive or negative aspect for them…….

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