Hey Folks, here’s the surprise cum shock for you all. Shock is that i have sold my Classic Gunmetal Grey just after 9 months and the surprise is that i bought …



20 thoughts on “Dominar 400 ABS Delivery | Bajaj Dominar 400 | Gunmetal Grey Sold | The Motorcyclist

  1. Rajat Devyal 4 months ago

    Same story bro✌. Bought it few days back and i can imagine what you must have felt with the bajaj guys, anyways congratulations enjoy the ride.

    (My dominar delivery video is live on my channel)

  2. Raghu katti 4 months ago

    bro subscribed your channel …i hope u make a complete review of this bike …

  3. Lakshay Arora 4 months ago

    Congratulations bhai i m from ambala city m also going to buy this diwali?

  4. kuldeep sharma83 4 months ago

    Congratulations bhai

    Pr bullet mast modified ki thii

  5. Nittin Chaturvedi 4 months ago

    Actually surprising but any anyhow even Dominar is a veey good bike. Congratulations & Ride Safe Buddy ☺️

  6. Parikshit Basu 4 months ago

    This is the reason why Dominar doesn't sell more.. there is no real experience from the showroom. I mean a 2lakh bike, their most premium offering and they sell it like a regular commuter..

  7. SIRESHA T 4 months ago

    Is that a NEW BIKE DELIVERY???
    It was like taking BIKE after SERVICING kind of……
    I was expecting something more from it….
    How the hell they gave the bike just like that…???
    This Kind of Delivery Style is NOT JUSTIFIED….NOT GOOD AT ALL..!!

  8. Mandeep Singh 4 months ago

    Congratulation bro, Nice choice abs model, i installed Handel bar riser and pillion back rest from lluvia on dominar

  9. Nilima Thakkar 4 months ago

    Bhai 4 din pehle gunmetal grey ki delivery li….dimaag dominor keh raha tha aur dil Enfield..Ek question 90 km/hr par kesi hai bike highway pai me itne see khush hu bcoz I rarely use it for highways pls do answer
    (RE fanboy bcoz of you kaash ek week pehle ye video aati)


    Bro y u sold your Gunmetal Grey what is the reason???? Don't worry be happy I will not unsubscribe you I'm big fan of royal Enfield bullet and next year I'm planning to purchase gunmetal grey or yesterday I have seen TVS new bike zeppelin it was awesome anyway it's your choice full respect from RE Lovers

  11. Abhishek Chatterjee 4 months ago

    Bhaiiiii I was not on youtube for a couple of months. Aaj aaya toh yeh kya dekh raha hoon :0 But I will tell you this, apni toh dosti hai. Bhale hi Gunmetal ke wajah se shuru hui thi but Gunmetaal ke wajah se khatam nahi hogi 🙂

  12. lil pump 4 months ago

    A wise decision indeed..! 😛

  13. SAHIL SHARMA 4 months ago

    Very bad yr gunmetal ke liye hi toh subscribe Kiya tha sorry but unsubscribed ?

  14. Chandan Gagat 4 months ago

    Congratulations.. waise RE kyu bech di

  15. PRASHANT VERMA 4 months ago

    Many many congratulations to you brother.

  16. rb tv 4 months ago

    Jab leni hi nahi thi guetal greay to phir kyu liya re bechne ke liye nahi hoti brother ??

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