It’s time we review the Bajaj Dominar 400. With the rising trend of adventure bikes as well as comfort touring, is this a street fighter trying to be a tourer? Find out …



18 thoughts on “Bajaj Dominar 400 | Full Review | FIT FOR TOURING ? | PROS AND CONS

  1. Bajaj Dominar 7 months ago

    Hi Vijaya, We have noted your feedback and have shared the same with the respective team. Keep sharing your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will only help us improve and be among the best motorcycle manufacturers in India.

  2. Duane Almeida 7 months ago

    Very late to watch this review…..High Five to your passion and keep rocking…!!! Looking forward to more videos from you… 🙂 Ride Safe

  3. Law For All 7 months ago

    You still didn't answer the question that you posed… have just reviewed the motocycle… is it fit for touring or not..?? also why weren't you not so sure about the saddle bags on this one…. how else are saddle bags mounted on other bikes without provision for paneers

  4. Suraj Singh 7 months ago

    hi vijaya can you share your experience with your Apache 200 I want to buy one

  5. Gaurav Agarwal 7 months ago

    Great review Vijaya, couldn't agree more.. and nice haircut 🙂

  6. Arjun Dev 7 months ago

    Informative. . Way to go. . Expecting much more 😀

  7. Atul Sourav Bhoy 7 months ago

    wow! vijaya you are looking beautiful by wearing helmet.

  8. Antony Stevin Rodrigues 7 months ago

    +vijaya bhat: really informative, and i loved the part where you especially described about the missing shift indicator and instrument console

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