in this video I have given a detailed first ride review of the all new 2018 model Bajaj dominar 400. I have discussed in detail about all the things that a person …




  1. Àrî Trá 4 months ago

    Royal Enfield wala line 5:00 bohot achhe se bole ho ap….😁😂😂

  2. Maximus 32 4 months ago

    Very good review best review so far. Am confused to buy between DOMINAR 400 & DUKE 200 ?
    Thanks for Review.

  3. Delta3068 4 months ago

    Your horn is annoying

  4. Aniket Sharma 4 months ago

    In ur 2018 edition dominor is there any vibration from 4000-5000rpm?
    I am also having 2018 edition dominar..
    So just wanted to know about the vibrations…coz i feel some vibrations with the above rpm..
    Please reply

  5. Binay Bhushan Biprashree 4 months ago

    Good going bro !!I was waiting for a review like this .. I've zeroed down this bike . Ye BJB college picche ki road he na(4:20) ?

  6. RiderUrecon 4 months ago

    Yes bro! Bajaj bikes ki braking bohoot hi a66a hain! Main v15 chalata hun!
    Usmain single disc brake hain! Woh bohoot hi a66a hain!

  7. gr av 4 months ago

    stop honking so much you loser!

  8. shubham kumar 4 months ago

    ye haathi nhii hai…ye toh haathi se bht upar hai 🙂

  9. Nikhil Soni 4 months ago

    Yar ek bat batao 5.4 height है मेरी chal jayegi dominor easily.

  10. Mr Akhil 4 months ago

    Passion pro Vs hf deluxe me se kon SA Lene se Acha Hoga Bhai???

  11. jp nanda 4 months ago

    Why no gear position indicator 🤔

  12. Nikk 4 months ago

    Bhai Awesome 👍🔥

  13. baba thakur 4 months ago

    wow superb bro
    your video's awesome

  14. VIKAS PANDEY 4 months ago


  15. EXPLORING WHEEL 4 months ago

    But aap showroom ka naam highlight kaise karte ho

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