Hey Guys !! 😀 i am back with a new informative vlog but in a different style. Please do let me know how was the vlog 🙂 Follow me on instagram …



9 thoughts on “Baja Dominar 400 | Things that will make you fall in love | Paisa Vasool

  1. Jayakannan Das 5 days ago

    You are awesome bro. Nice short nd sweet thoughts on byk. Give subtitles when you speak other languages. Also I think no owner will regret for this byk as it offers so much. And share your experience with engine oil, tyres and all that. Keep rocking.

  2. Manoj skanda 5 days ago

    Bro how do u set ur hair style after removing the helmet. Do u cover anything while wearing helmet….

  3. JYOTIRMOY MANDAL 5 days ago

    Already in love with Dominor. Nice vlogs. My father wanted to buy a RE but after taking test drive of Dominor he never talk about RE again and booked Dominor immediately. 😂

  4. Pratt Vega 5 days ago

    You looks quite similar to Rajnikanth 😆😉bad joke! But little bit 😒

  5. Project FreeJam 5 days ago

    Which bike is look bigger duke 390 or dominar 400¿

  6. Anthony Dias 5 days ago

    Lovely video bro !!! What about the vibrations ??

  7. sameer g 5 days ago

    Even I'm from Hyderabad !!!! And have also taken 3 helmets from bikeopedia and also own a dominar 400 2108 edition

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