2018 Dominar 400 Mileage Review.



22 thoughts on “2018 Dominar 400 Mileage Review

  1. Arun Baby 7 months ago

    Nowadays Nice ring road is like ur second home, can see a lot of hard work strell. Appreciate your passion. Keep the engine rolling…..

  2. Amal Dev U 7 months ago

    Red or Black, Which is better for long run ???

  3. Race wings 7 months ago

    cbr dominor or fz25..best bike between 3 in all scenarios. which one u say? Also heard tht cbr parts are mostly not available is it so and frankly i went to nearby showroom in yelahanka i dint find the bike itself..pls reply to all the above.. finally honda guys behave like state bank employees if v ask any query.. no offence to Sbi employees..

  4. Tech Prady 7 months ago

    Thank you for starting Dominar videos. Which Color do you like

  5. Sachin S Raj 7 months ago

    Good video brother ❤️
    Waiting for HD iron883 review.

  6. jerin joseph 7 months ago



  7. Jayesh Banker 7 months ago

    Hey i really liked the Black alloys on a Red Colour Dominar. Its a good colour Combination. Did u change it or exchanged the golden alloys from bajaj ?

  8. Infant Raj 7 months ago

    Bro, RTR 160 4V review please

  9. Pratt Vega 7 months ago

    That red Domi is a love and same goes to Strell

  10. Robin John 7 months ago

    Nice red colour Dominar bike. It is a eye catching colour. Good choice colour for your bike. Use motul 300v fully synthetic engine oil with Easter core patented technology which is made in France and mostly used in high end bikes. Use it with correct engine oil grade mentioned in your bike user manual or recommended by your authorized service center trained mechanic. It is a very good engine oil for good engine life. Use it and feel the difference in your bike performance. Don't forget to tighten your bike chain and apply bike chain spray after every one week during rainy season and in the other seasons after every three weeks.

  11. Manash Chakraborty 7 months ago

    Bro don't just limit yourself to reviews which are by the way awesome but I don't think you are utilizing your full potential. Please do upload more of touring videos which am sure will be kick ass. Just a suggestion. Keep growing buddy.

  12. Mohamed Arshath 7 months ago

    how to convince my parents to get a higher cc bike…..like rs 200 etc….????….they r not crossing 150cc….not an r15 too….please help me

  13. Suresh Naidu 7 months ago

    I can see lot of hard work, U sound honest too.

  14. Tommy The Westie 7 months ago

    I ws planing to get dominar 400 as my first bike.I have previously owned a discover 125 nd ridden ns 160 nd yes I was pretty comfortable in a city like Bangalorewill dominar be a right choice for me will I be able to handle the weight nd power?

  15. kar thick 7 months ago

    Apache rtr 160 4v mileage review bro??

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