This video is only for entertainment purpose. Always ride within your limits. And always wear all the riding gear while riding a motorcycle! This video was …



4 thoughts on “2018 Dominar 400 ABS | The Good & The Bad Points

  1. Shivkumar Hipparagi 5 months ago

    Sir ride your bike for round about 5000 kms then hai gear downshfting will be smooth u had not riden hai bike even 1000 kms and u expect gear box to be smooth …. Ride bike fir 5000 kms and check the gear box smoothness!!!!!!!

  2. cenation 5 months ago

    Great video bro….
    Maza aya aapka video dekhkar…

  3. VASANTH 007 5 months ago

    Bro its really awesome.
    Please make vlogs as fast as possible bro. You make us to long for your videos..

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