Part-1 : Bajaj Dominar – Engine Reliability, Mileage, Torque, Power & Engine RPM, A Tech Talk In this video I’ll be talking about the basics of an IC engine, …



27 thoughts on “[हिन्दी]Bajaj Dominar : Engine Reliability, Mileage, Torque, Power & Engine RPM, A Tech Talk: Part-1

  1. AKHYIL BHARDWAJ RV 4 months ago

    awesome bro! and yeah you can give classes over automotives like ppl have commented. And I subscribed.

  2. Triple Ace 4 months ago

    Can you please discuss why we feel vibration on a bike.

  3. Tanvir patel 4 months ago

    Hey bro mere pass dominar hai bike pickup lene par zatka lene lag jati hai aisa kyu jese fuel khatam ho Gaya ho vise aisa kyu kya problem ho sakta hai…

  4. raj patel 4 months ago

    Bhai stable background use karo.

  5. rai btek 4 months ago

    helpful video .still ….bajaj definitely good. But returned ke bad Rebiality achha hai kya? Marna bajajka engine 2salbaad bahut bura sound hota hai.

  6. Hitesh Mistry 4 months ago

    Explain about turbocharger.
    & supercharged Kawasaki H2R

  7. Nishant Arora 4 months ago

    ktm single cylinder h ninja . 2 cylinder hai

  8. salman salman 4 months ago

    bro from ur point of dominar a reliable bike

  9. nischal4444 4 months ago

    hi, your presentation style is good friend. simple and clear. keep up the good work

  10. HAKAI SHIN 4 months ago

    sir thank you mera confusion dur ho gaya

  11. Pushplata Bhadoriya 4 months ago

    everything was superb except that refocusing background video of some ligting. its irritating 😅

  12. shaikh sharif 4 months ago

    Sir mera naam shaikh Sharif hai meri height 6'3''hai job to home k liye mai dominar lena chahata hu aur bullet bhi acchi hai maine dono k u tube pe video dekhe hai dono acchi nahi aur dono me khuch na khuch kami bhi hai AB AAP MUZE SUGESST KARO KI MAI DONO ME SE KON SI BIKE LU

  13. mandeep rana 4 months ago

    why yamaha give only 5 gears in fz25?

  14. Manan Pandya 4 months ago

    Hi, can you tell me the mileage of dominar 400

  15. Whaaat!! 4 months ago

    Excellent video my friend! All the technical aspects of engine explained very nicely. Please keep making such videos related to new motorcycles.

  16. Sijith Cheruvallil 4 months ago

    Then how RE classic 500 give 33kmpl? RE Classic 500 bore and stroke is bigger than D400.
    Classic 500 is also Fuel Injection.
    RE Classic 350 claims 50 above?
    Please do video in English too.

  17. renjith sree 4 months ago

    i am planning to buy dominar but most of my friends says dont buy that bike it will working poorly after years it not good…can i go for it or not? i had only 2lkh budget…

  18. salman Hussain 4 months ago

    mera dominar400 hain aur engine bohut hot hota hain aur radioter bhi 2 yaa 5 km chalate hi chalne Lagta hain lagbhag engine bohut garam hota hain please app comment kare

  19. salman Hussain 4 months ago

    dominar400 engine bohut garam hota hain aur radioter bhi baar baar chalta hain please comment kare

  20. Pritam Chakroborty 4 months ago

    So bro!
    Should I go for this bike ??
    As it is providing the best offer in this price segment,ranging from abs,slipper clutch ,to led head lamp
    But the prblm lies with the realibility issues
    I had pulsar and discover earlier but was totally disappointed with the engines
    Ican go for a brand lyk Yamaha fzs 250 or R15 v3 ,as Yamaha is all abt realibility
    But none of dm r offering abs ,slipper clutch,within the price segment

  21. Homi Sharma 4 months ago

    Wah Mishra Ji.. You have such an immense knowledge. You are knowledge bank. I have liked and subscribed as well…Can you please advise if buying Dominar would be Value for Money. I thought of Bullet 350 but what i want is Power, speed and performance.. Please suggest

  22. Ali Gufi 4 months ago

    Türkiye'ye 10 gun sonra gelecek dominar nasil bir motor begeniyormusun

  23. jay deep 4 months ago

    which bike is more durable thunderbird 350 or dominor?

  24. recker 007 4 months ago

    bro, from next time can you make the video in english? yes i am an indian(by birth) ,but i just can't follow hindi well!! hope you understand!!😀😀

  25. ashish bera 4 months ago

    You are awesome Mishra ji….aapke dono videos dekhne ke baad dil se like karne ki iicha hui….really informative tha

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